Totally OUTright is a “sexual health + community leadership” training program

for Gay / Bi / 2-Spirit / Trans / Queer (GB2STQ+) guys aged 18-29...

We need your anonymous input to adapt that program for GB2STQ+ guys aged 30 and up.

1. How old are you?

2. Your highest education level completed?

3. You are currently ...? (check ALL that apply)

4. Where do you live? (city/town + province)

5. How do you describe yourself (orientation)?

6. How do you describe yourself (gender)?

7. When did you have your last HIV test?

If you are HIV+ please tell us how many months or years since your diagnosis in the comments box at the bottom of this list.

8. Below are topics from the 2019 (5-day) offering of Totally OUTright for men aged 18-29. Choose your personal top 6-8 topics!

9. We’re expecting to shorten the program by at least 40% -50% from its current 5-day format. How long a program would you be willing to attend - if it was within commuting distance from where you live?

10. If travel and accommodation are provided to come to Halifax for this program, how long a program would you be willing to attend?

11. Drag and drop your choices in order of preference (1st pick at top, 2nd pick next, etc.) regarding which weekends you would most likely attend IF the program was run over a holiday weekend.
  • Heritage / Islander Weekend (Feb . 15-17, 2020)
  • Easter Weekend (Apr. 10-12, 2020)
  • Victoria Day Weekend (May 16-18, 2020)
  • Labour Day Weekend (Sep. 5-7, 2020)
  • Thanksgiving Day Weekend (Oct 10-12, 2020)

12. You heard about this survey through ... ? (check ALL that apply)

13. Drag and drop your choices in order of preference (1st pick at top, 2nd pick next, etc.) regarding your best way to find out about our program.
  • Ads in local paper(s) *
  • An email notice / list-serve
  • Facebook / social media
  • Squirt message boards
  • Grindr ads
  • Poster in gay / gay-friendly bar / establishment
  • Through ACNS / PEERS Alliance newsletters
  • Through a friend

* If "Ads in local paper(s)" was one of your top 5 answer in Question 13 - name which paper(s).


Send an email to… … with the subject "SURVEY CONTEST" for a chance at winning our 'BIG BASKET'!

Valued at well-over $400, the BIG BASKET contains merchandise, tickets or passes compliments of: Venus Envy, ACNS, Halifax Gay Men’s Chorus, Torpedos Sauna & Spa, Lake City Cider, and Menz & Mollyz!

The prize winner will be drawn randomly this Fall after the survey period is completed.

If you wish to be added to the “Gay Men’s Health” mailing list for notices about events, workshops, etc. please indicate that too! THANK YOU.